Mel Shaver-Durham,
Interiors & Styling

I specialize in unique, customized interior design.
I would love to help your home tell your story!

What design services do you offer, Mel?

Hi there! I offer both In-Person and E-Design services.  E-design services are performed entirely virtually, which means I can work with anyone, anywhere! They also cut out the need for in-person meetings & travel. By eliminating the cost of travel time, you'll save money that you can ultimately spend on more things for your home!

I am a self-taught designer without any formal training, so I am not able to provide advice on plumbing, electrical wiring, or architectural design.
However, if you are looking to turn a bland, empty or unattractive space in your home into one that is beautiful, unique and inviting, I am the designer for you! This is what I am good at, and what brings me joy too!



Your total fee will include the time I spend traveling to and from your home, taking measurements or pictures in your home, and the time I spend creating your design and editing it to your satisfaction. If you are choosing E-Design, you as the client will take all of the measurements and photos and gather all of the materials for the design. Therefore, the need for travel is eliminated. As such, charges for E-Design will be less than in-person interior design work. 

Mel, what is the average number of hours you need to design a room?

A typical room design takes around 10-12 hours. This may vary based on the size of your space(s), the complexity and customization needs involved in your design, and the number of changes that you request during the design process.

Mel, what forms of payment do you accept?

I prefer payment through Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal, but I will also accept a personal check. Most clients pay me in increments as steps of the design process are completed, but a few have chosen to wait until the entire room design is complete, which is also fine. Whatever works best for you! 

I'd love to create a unique, customized design for you!