What is

E-design services are performed entirely virtually, cutting out the need for in-person meetings & travel.  This means I can work with anyone anywhere in the world without having to worry about their location! This also means that you'll save money that you can ultimately spend on more things for your home!

Tell me more, Mel!


I will provide the level of design service that fits both your needs
and your budget. Unlike the big-box online design services, I specialize in original, customized designs. I will show you how to make the items you already own look more thoughtful and cohesive...or I can create a new room design for you from scratch!
No matter what, we will work together to make sure that your rooms are stylish, functional and inviting-and most importantly- uniquely yours!



In E-Design, you as the client will take all of the measurements and gather all of the materials. This allows me to charge less than traditional in-person interior design work. 

E-design process

Will E-design work for you?

Are you comfortable communicating your needs  with me remotely?
(Since we won’t meet in person, we will rely on communication via phone, FaceTime,
email or Zoom)

Can you provide accurate measurements and photos of your home?
(I'll need these to create a personalized design for your space)

  Are you able to hire your own contractors to install the design, OR do your own DIY work?

Initial Consultation

We'll meet over Zoom so that I can learn more about your goals and dreams for the spaces you would like me to design for you. Through our conversation, we will decide if my services are a good fit for your design needs, as well as which steps of the
E-design process we will use.
I'll also ask you to share your budget for the space so that I can be sure to honor it. 

Note: There will be no charge for this initial consultative meeting.


If it meets your needs, we'll use a collaborative Pinterest page for your project where we can each post image ideas as well as specific product ideas. You can let me know what you love-and don't-so that I can design the space that suits you best.

Photos and Measurements

Next, I'll ask you to send me photos of the rooms in your home that you would like me to design. A video of the spaces is even better! I'll also ask you to share a floor plan of your home (if you have one) so that I can better understand the layout of your home. Be sure to include photos of items you currently own that you wish to incorporate into the new design.

Mood Board

I'll use our conversation and collaboration to design a mood board for each of your spaces. After designing a board for you, I will make revisions to it as needed until we are in agreement about the overall design of the room.
You can see examples of mood boards I have developed in the "Client Mood Boards" section of this site!

Revisions to the Design

Below is an example of the progression of a design for a client who requested multiple revisions to my original design. 

When I design for you, my goal is to hear your feedback, and adjust the design accordingly, until you love it and can't wait to use it in your home!

Version 1: This client already owned a large peacock colored sectional and was looking to bring even more color into her home as the rest of the room was mostly white. She also needed a place for her cats to escape from her children-hence the "cat orb".

Version 2: After reviewing version 1, the client expressed her delight in the idea of wallpapering the front of the fireplace, but asked for a lighter wallpaper design. She also asked to have her beautiful original art piece hung over the mantel. The addition of her art piece necessitated a shift to a color palette that would pair well with the tones in the painting. The client also requested a more high end, hand-woven rug. 

Final Version: For this final version, the client requested that another color to be added to the design in addition to the blues. She first suggested orange, but I felt that would be too harsh. I wove soft coral tones throughout the design instead. 

Result? =
Happy client!

Floor Plan

Next, if needed, I will develop a to scale floor plan that includes the items we have agreed upon for your space. 

Curated Shopping List

Finally, based on your needs, I'll provide you with specific paint or wallpaper recommendations, furniture and rug selections, overhead and/or low lighting options, and recommendations for art, pillows, and other room décor.  In addition, I'll provide you with links to purchase the items in the design as needed. 

Styling Support

After you have purchased the items on your list, I can help you style the items in your space during a 
FaceTime session if you would like me to!